• The Design Build Institute of America (DBIA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting understanding and using project construction design methods. The contracts, which are structured in such a way that contractors and builders are successful, cover all stages from pre-agreement to final payment. Contract documents and DBIA forms accompany you throughout the build design process. From pre-agreements to final payment, DBIA contracts and forms are fair basic documents that can be tailored to the needs of your own project. . E-SUSWD Sustainable Project Goals Exhibition Buying Models. . #500-D3 Design-Builder`s Affidavit of Final Release Sample Purchase E-INSWD Insurance displays complete model purchase package . .

    . . Please read DBIA`s terms of use before using any of our contract documents. . The DBIA contracts require the developer to instruct the contractor to carry out drafts and studies that end with a proposal to assemble the construction documents and build the project. They can consist of up to three documents: . Below you will find some of the most remarkable conditions of the DBIA 520, 525, 530 and 535 forms. Downloadable WORD Document – DBIA Document No.

    540, standard form of the agreement between the design builder and the design consultant (2010 edition) (“Agreement”) defines the conditions under which the project and other design services are carried out during the construction phase of the project. Below are examples of some of the first forms available in the DBIA library. #500-D4 certificate for an exemplary degree They are quite flexible, can be used in a variety of design projects and are suitable for different sectors. E-INS-I Insurance – Design-Builder`s Insurance Requirements Sample Purchase Are you a member of DBIA? Your membership offers immediate savings with a 50% discount on all contract documents in our bookstore. Just follow three simple steps: . . #555 standard type of contract between the design builder and the general contractor – Lump Sum Sample Purchase We make access to our resources easy so you can stay informed. Find what you need in our list of contract documents.

    #520 standard form of the preliminary agreement between the owner and the manufacturer of model purchase models . . . #500-D7 warranty approval for the purchase of final payment model . . . This agreement provides for the design consultant and design builder when obtaining the design agreement between the design builder and the owner (i.e. the document DBIA No.

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