• HathiTrust is a collaborative library initiative. Users are encouraged to quote and refer to digital content, and are free to do so without permission. Depending on the source of the digitized work, licenses or other contractual conditions may restrict the dissemination or subsequent use. Please read the “Access and Use” statement in the PageTurner view for each item (in the sidebar to the left of the display area next to the title “Copyright”) for volume-specific information. You must conduct your own assessment of copyright or other legal problems related to uses that go beyond those provided by HathiTrust for certain works. Guest users of library resources should select no and be redirected to the screen below. Guest users should click on the “Use our customer and special loan access” link. If you can register but have problems accessing or using library resources, contact the library support service at 262-8880 or by email, digital.library.wisc.edu/1711/contactltg. You may have found a database link from a search engine such as Google or you received an email from your favorite database provider in your mailbox. If the URL doesn`t contain ezproxy.library.wisc.edu, it probably won`t work for you. 2) Content is not authorized by UW Madison.

    We may have the book sheet in question, but from another lender. For example, UW Madison does not have a license on the apa.org site. All of our American Psychological Association content is provided by EBSCO. In this case, you will find in the UW Madison library catalogue on search.library.wisc.edu what we have access to. If the error message is displayed on the screen below, there is a problem with your library account. Please contact the Memorial Library Circulation Office at 608-263-7360 or by email. The best way to access licensed electronic resources is to use links to these resources on the library website and in the catalogue. If you want to use your URLs with bookmarks, it`s important to use this bookmark that allows you to access licensed resources. The Bookmarklet will endeavour to make sure that each site is made, whether or not we lay off that content. If you receive a “Remote Access Error,” if you use the bookmark on a URL, the most common reasons are: if you have a database URL in your browser that does not contain ezproxy.library.wisc.edu, you can identify yourself as a valid UW-Madison user by clicking on the Ras bookmark in your bookmark list. This allows you to reorient yourself to a page where you can connect with your NetID and access licensed content. The error message listed below may occur for several reasons.

    First, check if you enter the netID and select UW-Madison for campus. If you are still unable to connect to EZProxy, there may be a problem with your NetID. Please call the DoIT Help Desk at 608-264-HELP (608-264-4357). If the resource to which access is accessible does not have an access option, remote users of the resource should view the following. In this case, access to the resource is only through NetID authentication. 3) (Least common) Content is authorized by UW Madison, but it has recently been moved or has not proxied properly in any other way. Report this with the form on the RAS Error page, where you can identify the resource you want to access. Library resources are available off-campus for authorized users. When you select a licensed resource on this site, remote users of the resource will be informed to log in to the RAS/EZProxy service to access these limited resources. Note: Users connected via WiscVPN must also continue to connect via EZProxy to access these resources. .

    The possible access and use instructions for each book are shown below.

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