• solemn, solemn, n. /sol euhm/, adj. serious, sober or miraculous, as a person, face, speech, sound or mood: solemn remarks. 2. serious or impressive dark; cause serious thoughts or a serious mood: solemn music. 3. serious or… Universalium The Solemn League and Covenant was an agreement between the Scottish Covenanters and the leaders of English parliamentarians in 1643 during the First English Civil War. On 17 August 1643, the Church of Scotland (the Kirk) adopted it, and on 25 September 1643, the English Parliament and the Westminster Assembly adopted it. [1] Agreement – /euh gree meunt/, n. 1.

    agreement or the retirement of a reciprocal agreement. 2. Compliance status. 3. an agreement accepted by all parties to a transaction. 4. a contract or any other document that… Universalium an agreement, usually formal, between two or more people, to do something or not to do something. 2nd law. a subsidiary clause in such an agreement. 3.

    Ecclesiastical union between… Universalium I always thought she was a hundred years old, Harry, with her solemn face and her air of mourning. Among them, meat and wine were rarely used, except for the victims during the solemn festivities. Accord — /uh mehnt /, n. 1. or the resignation of a mutual agreement. solemn — [[t]sɒ̱ləm[/t]1) ADJ GRADED Someone or something that is solemn is very serious, not cheerful or humorous. His solemn little face broke in the smile… He looked solemn.

    Syn: serious and dark derivative words: solemn ADV GRADED ADV with v … English Dictionary In the form it was made in ancient cultures between men, it was a binding and solemn agreement between two or more parties. There were different types of covenants in the biblical world, and one of those types of covenants, the “royal purse,” resembled the biblical covenants in which God, the higher party, engaged himself as a lower party, without established conditions being imposed on him. In this type of “royal grant” alliance, a king or other person of authority rewards a faithful subject by granting him a function, country, tax exemption or other.

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