• “Ultimately, each Union must protect and preserve its crew member in order to obtain two crews. With a few exceptions, the BLET cannot negotiate at the national level for conductors. The same applies to the opposite; With a few exceptions, SMART-TD cannot negotiate at the national level for engineers,” he wrote. “For these reasons, despite the anxiety, BLET cannot “sell” conductor positions to use engineers in national negotiations, and this is the case for SMART-TD. Again, each Union must protect half of our two-headed crews so that all operational staff can win. Every attempt to create a gap between our organizations to get officers and members to ignore the intended objective – leaving two in the operational team – is playing the game of porters. It brings them closer to what they want: fewer workers, more money in their pockets, a less secure (cheaper) work environment and weakens all railway work. Two unions, with members and leaders moving in opposite directions, would make it easier for airlines to achieve their goal of cutting jobs in favour of their “innovation” idea. NOTE 3: These provisions are not intended to supplant shipyard engines, natives, residents or work trains and do not intend to perform simple general switch scale commands. No carrier supervisors (including Yardmasters) or non-artisanal ones are used to replace or replace the exclusive work of train or construction personnel working under UTU agreements.

    On February 11, a U.S. district judge, appointed last year by President Donald Trump, ruled against our union in a dispute over the occupation moratorium. We are now appealing that decision. Brothers and sisters, BLET President Pierce and I agree. We will work together to keep two of them in the crew while we negotiate. We`re working together to keep you up to date. We know that this issue is too important for our membership, for the public and for our safety. A-23: Yes, when they entered the engine from train service. Engine workers who have received flight personnel certificates in accordance with Section XIII, Section 2 of the 1985 National Convention, are not entitled to crew services. On February 11, the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Texas in Fort Worth asked SMART-TD to refuse smart TD and/or not to negotiate in good faith with each of the railways on [Crew consists]. The court also ordered SMART-TD to negotiate at the national level the alternative compensation proposal for airlines; and that any persistent objection from SMART-TD should be resolved through binding arbitration proceedings. c) The operation can work with more than one crew during a mission.

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