• Finally, the team is committed to stopping the work agreement as the only source of truth about how individuals work together, bring value, take care of themselves and each other, and do all that is the group`s greatest potential. The strength of the labour agreement lies in the team`s obligation to hold each other to account. Without a degree of commitment and responsibility, team members can under-perfect their own work. For this reason, the agreement should be established by the entire team, and each point equal points should be agreed by each member of the team. If a team member doesn`t support an item, remove it. The team makes its own work agreement. Otherwise, you cannot expect full support or accountability. This session was well closed the client received a warning which, towards the end of time with me, said “We only have a few minutes”. Then they were asked, “If I could sum it up.” The summary covered the main points of the session and allowed the client to confirm them. There was an opportunity to leave a positive point for the client to think about it, to leave them safe after the meeting. It also opened the possibility for the theme for the next session allows them to do their homework. The client, in replying and confirming the summary, led to the fact that he felt heard at the meeting. The meeting was on schedule and the client was thanked for the meeting.

    The next meeting with the client was recognized. Make the agreements together with the team and combine similar agreements for an agreement. Some of these agreements will create enforceable rights and obligations, others will not. If you have a small team (4 people or less), each person has two chords written. Pass and vote to maintain or modify existing agreements. Then the team members brainstormed, proposed, and voted on the addition of other agreements. Traditionally, evaluation is not emphasized in staff-centric advice because it prevents clients from focusing on themselves and working with their feelings, with attention shifted from the client to the advisor. However, given the nature of consulting and contract work, the work of the counsellor at work is often necessary and necessary by an agency. Personally, I see evaluation as a key to getting a glimpse of the client and developing a work plan. The board is a contractual relationship, as it is a periodic review of the work in progress to ensure that the objectives or conditions set are met and that progress is made. Gladding`s (2009) evaluation includes “gathering information to identify, analyze, assess and address client problems, problems and circumstances in the consulting relationship.”

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