• Remember, the payment of benefits and the responsibility for coverage are not by the workers` compensation policy, but by the state, in some cases decisions of the Industry Commission and the courts. So look at the council`s statutes, not in a workers` compensation policy. Compliance is the last part of the extraterritorial issue and reciprocity. Once the temporary status has expired, regardless of the definition and application of each state, the primary coverage must be backed up in that other state. If this is not the case, the employer may be considered non-compliant and sanctioned if it does not guarantee adequate coverage. We are in the process of verifying our reciprocity information for this state. If you are an employer in Oregon, we advise you to contact the National Employment Agency before you start working in Arkansas. For more information on the state of extraterritoriality/reciprocity, see the Oregon State Survey. Aggrieved employees can generally choose the most important benefits for workers: for your company to work with each other with North Dakota, you must require the mutual agreement of the state concerned.

    A petition is sent to the WSI for verification. WSI responds with a confirmation or a letter of refusal. Reciprocal agreements are for a limited time and need to be closely monitored. Employers in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming should contact WSI before considering that they are responsible for their employees in North Dakota. Reciprocal agreements are available on request. Idaho employers with daily allowance insurance can apply for an extraterritorial certificate to use their Idaho insurance coverage for their employees who work in several surrounding jurisdictions. Reciprocal agreements for each state vary and may contain exclusions. These agreements must be requested and approved by the employer before taking effect.

    Employers should contact the WSI before considering that they have WSI coverage for their employees working in those countries. The WSI is responsible for a right arising from a mutual agreement. You should definitely visit our status rules pages to ask for more precise information on the extraterritoriality of individual states and reciprocity. If you open a compensation policy for workers using the WSI, all North Dakota payrolls must be reported to WSI. If Oregon and another state have reciprocity, Oregon employers should not have special coverage for temporary workers in the other state.

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